should I buy Facebook likesShould I buy Facebook likes? Many modern Internet users have already answered this question. The main reason people buy likes is to increase traffic on their pages, as well as gain recognition. However, this trick only helps you in the short-term. Dozens of companies now sell Facebook likes, but the biggest question is: if you purchase local Facebook likes, how is it going to help your business? Here are five points that will help you make up your mind.

1. Don’t purchase likes if you only expect instant results.

Services that sell likes work hard on convincing you that your page is going to become 100 times more profitable the second you complete your order. Nevertheless, in this case the results are going to disappoint you. Marketing strategies don’t work so fast. Of course, you can achieve better results with paid advertising, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. Growing your own customer base is a long term process that will take some time. If you purchase local Facebook likes, you’re going to see an improvement, just remember that success doesn’t come overnight. In some cases purchasing likes can become a waste of time and money, so think twice before you make a decision. Also, you need to keep in mind that even when you order Facebook likes, it doesn’t mean that all those people will become your loyal customers. You’ll need to be patient and wait until your strategy starts bringing you success.

2. If you decide to order likes, choose quality over quantity.

When you ask yourself the question: “Should I buy Facebook likes?”, it’s easy to get carried away and buy thousands of cheap likes. However, you should know that cheap likes simply cannot be authentic, which means that your page will be followed by bots, and not actual people. What you need is real fans, people who will not only follow your Facebook page, but will also read your updates, comment on your posts and refer their friends to your page. All of this is possible when you choose quality of likes over their quantity.

Facebook does not prohibit ordering these types of services, but they can punish users that use bots to increase their online popularity. Facebook has sophisticated means of detecting whether your page is followed by bots, and if they eventually detect any shady activities, your page might end up in trouble. Remember that if you’re going to buy likes anyway, buy them from an experienced company that only uses legal methods of adding followers to your page, and don’t entrust your business to a company that offers the cheapest services.

3. Don’t buy likes in order to increase your EdgeRank.

If you have any experience in Facebook marketing, you’re certainly familiar with EdgeRank – an algorithm that is used by Facebook to choose which posts users will see in their news feeds. Don’t think that every one of your updates is going to be seen by all of your followers – EdgeRank is responsible for choosing stories that are most interesting and relevant to the user’s interests. No one knows how exactly this algorithm works, so you’ll just have to accept it.

Does EdgeRank have anything to do with Facebook likes? The answer to this question is yes. However, don’t buy likes in order to improve your EdgeRank, because it’s most likely not going to work. EdgeRank is a much more complicated algorithm, and you can’t change it with couple thousands of likes.

4. Buying lots of likes from a single country is rarely a good idea.

This point is for people who order thousands of cheap and, as a matter of fact, fake likes. As we all know, Facebook is popular all over the world, so if your page is followed by users from a single country, Facebook is likely to get suspicious about it. If you want to get quality likes, you need to accept the fact that they will come from dozens of countries. Don’t trust services that sell likes from just one country: they will probably turn out to be fake.

5. Don’t buy likes if you want to improve your local business.

If you own a local restaurant, pet grooming salon or car-wash, buying Facebook likes for your page is not the best way to promote your business. Since Facebook is used by millions of people from anywhere in the world, you purchased likes will be delivered from many different countries. Getting lots of likes from locals is not an easy thing to achieve, which is why you have to combine ordering Facebook likes with other online marketing strategies.


Now you know five reasons to keep from buying Facebook likes. However, purchasing likes can still help you with your online visibility. For best results, you need to order likes from an experienced and legitimate source. ResultR, for example, offers genuine, high quality and affordable likes that will give your page a considerable boost to your popularity online. Time to make your marketing campaign even more effective!