Fake YouTube Views and Possible After-Effect

Internet will never die, and various social networks, as well as online communities, play a crucial role there. For this reason basic SEO concepts also spread on media social world.  Being the world’s largest [...]

Brief Description of 15 Useful YouTube Marketing Software Programs

Nine years ago on 14 February we received excellent present from establisher of YouTube entertainment platform. They developed a free website for sharing, browsing and watching video content. It was the most successful and [...]

Process of Increasing YouTube Views: Deep Overview

Nowadays people used to optimize own websites, gaining views for YouTube channel and trusting this process to professionals from media services firms. Thanks to such companies, every website can become popular, and consequently clients [...]

Pages Posting Memes Will Receive Punishment Due To Facebook Feed Change

Facebook has a clear view how to minimize the cases of spamming News Feed by means of memes. According to feed algorithm recent update, pages with such low quality content are to be punished [...]

Facebook Will Share User Counts By Country, Revealing 78% of US Mobile Users

Facebook is going to share daily and monthly mobile users as well as country-by-country web. The main goal it pursues is to find out what really contributes its mobile growth, the increasing number of [...]

Facebook Cooperates with Payment Systems on Mobile Commerce Apps to Autofill Data

Facebook’s new tech is considered to open wide opportunities for e-commerce companies to get much more convenient process of billing information inserting. “Autofill With Facebook” is at the stage of the last month of [...]

Facebook With OpenTable And Rovi is Increasing the Functionality Of Mobile Pages

Mobile pages have got a chance to become more functional due to Facebook’s recent development. Being integrated with OpenTable it now allows us to make reservations in a restaurant with no need of visiting [...]

Facebook is Close to Launch New Shared Photo Albums for Group Engagement Enhancing

Facebook keeps being enthusiastic creator of new features for engaging new users, satisfying existing ones and staying competitive. Due to Mashable report the photo sharing opportunities on Facebook will be instantly upgraded to a [...]