YouTube views not increasingThe algorithm of YouTube is similar to Bing, Google and other similar search engines. The main purpose of such an algorithm is to discover new video content and select all discovered videos. It aims to index and rank such videos that have been displayed on official pages of search engines as a query respond. So what YouTube users should do for not only YouTube views not increasing but also to take advantages and get easy YouTube views.


The optimization of Metadata use

Your video is surrounded with the information which is called metadata – tags, descriptions and titles of your videos. In such a way the algorithm of YouTube gets information about any video content. If you choose correct keywords for metadata, you will have very good chances to have your video content being discovered by the audience.

Check out the points below:

1.      The Title

Every time when you upload a new video, make sure to put an enticing title. Your video title is the first thing which will be noticed by the audience. It will help YouTube users decide whether to watch the video or not. The variations of titles are endless. Try to make it eye-catching and quite informative. But you should not use titles tricking users to click the video.

2.      The Description

Think carefully about an informative description for your video. The most effective are detailed descriptions. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to the subject of the video. Do not forget to include your channel page link and the link to subscription.

3.      Tags

When it comes to selecting the correct keywords for videos, tags are the most important aspects. On YouTube there is a search query and your tags will be responsible for determining YouTube if your videos are relevant to a query or not. With the help of tags your videos can be discovered through all popular search engines. In fact, you should input all matching keywords which you use in video’s title and description in the tags section. Do not forget to add few proper words. Your video should be associated with them accordingly. At the same time never use tags which may mislead YouTube users. Tags and the topic of the video should be matching to each other. If your videos devoted to popular people, celebrities, artists, news and important events, make sure you include necessary keywords in tags. Consider carefully how you are going to order tags. Everything depends on the terms of importance. Keep in mind, if you want users to arrive at the video by a particular searching query, you have to identify certain keywords which may be types in the search box by YouTube users.

Create thumbnails compelling to your video

Before you click a video, you may notice appearing small images. They are called thumbnails. It is necessary to select compelling thumbnails. Just like titles your thumbnails are supposed to accurately represent your own video content. Never forget that your videos are up against thousands of similar videos. If your want your videos to be noticed by YouTube audience, make thumbnails compelling and imagery.

Video Annotations

Video annotations are text that should be placed in your video. If you watch YouTube videos you might have noticed small text boxes such as “Subscribe” and others propping up from time to time. As you know what annotations are and for what purpose they can be used, you can make your own ones. YouTube views not increasing only your popularity but also help overcome your competitors. Using such annotations may help a lot for promoting your own YouTube channel. If you use it a subscribe button, it will be much easier to subscribe to your video channel in one click. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to promote video content. Annotations can serve as effective navigation tools. Traffic will be driven to videos which you have uploaded to YouTube. Additionally it is a good promotion of your entire video catalogues in the channel.

Interact with YouTube subscribers

The most efficient way to increase the number of YouTube views is to keep on interacting with subscribers. Most people treat YouTube as a hosting website for videos but we should not forget that it is a social networking platform as well. Use this strategy for new uploaders. People who have just created their accounts on YouTube and uploaded few videos should interact with people and subscribers, make all of them loyal. But how can we make people subscribe and follow your video channel? First of all you should engage your people and ask feedbacks, suggestions and opinions regarding uploaded videos. As soon as people start answering, make your best to respond all of them. During the first hour after uploading new content this is essential. Your goal is to incite as many responses as possible and this may be achieved by asking specific questions. YouTube channel has lots of advantages comparing with the traditional television. It allows people from all over the world interact with each other. You should try to make your YouTube channel more like a community of people with similar interests. Anyways try to establish loyalty among subscribers. If you manage to do this, they will become your devoted promoters. When you have strong relationships with YouTube subscribers, they will easily promote all new videos sharing them in social media networks. Their likes, shares and comments will bring positive results for the recognition of your videos.

Video content promotion

Promoting all your uploaded videos obviously is very important. You should not limit yourself with the subscribers you have at the moment. Do your best for promoting videos across the whole YouTube platform. Promotion on other websites is very efficient as well.

Here are some tips:

  • Video responses – When you upload the video on YouTube, you can use the video responses option. It is possible to post videos to other related videos. How can this be done? First of all it is necessary to find related videos to your own video content. In such a way you increase your chances to find users who may be interested in watching videos you have. When you have selected the video for writing the video response, you should go to the comment box. There you will find “Create a video response” link. If you click on it, you will be sent to your videos’ list. Make sure that you select related videos. Implementing will take some time. Don’t ignore this wonderful opportunity to find people with similar interests in your target niche. People who interested may watch your videos and make video response as well.
  • Share YouTube videos across other websites – most YouTube users have also accounts on Facebook. Other social networking platforms should be used for sharing your video content, tagging friends who may be interested. However do not spam users. Practice moderation and do not make other people get bored. There are many other popular social media networks such as Google Plus and Twitter. They can be used for the same purpose. Your fiends will definitely help you to generate lots of views. Your videos will spread across the whole Internet. Feel free to post your videos on blogs or wherever you want.