How much does it take you to start processing my order after I have made it?
Your order will be started being processed in hours from 12 to 24 counting from the moment of your account and payment confirmation. The whole process requires us few days to deliver the ordered package as the outcome. Very rare or during Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter updates we need up to 10 day to perform orders. And in this cases we inform our customers via email about specific time frames.
Do you have any restrictions about the types of pages you work with?
We would never start cooperation with accounts which include any information violating Facebook’s, Instagram’s, Twitter’s or YouTube’s terms of use and service agreement. Those can be:
• Pages included pornographic materials
• Pages with violence and/or hate promotion content
• Pages which support gambling
The list is not limited to examples noted below.
It is enough condition for us to refuse servicing any time we consider a page to be violating Facebook’s, Instagram’s, Twitter’s or YouTube’s service terms.
Is any warranty of your service provided?
We assure you to deliver the ordered number of followers, views, likes or dislikes at a specified time, otherwise a refund is guaranteed. You will get you costs back in the equivalent amount of non-delivered fans.
Do your customers leave any testimonials?
You are free to browse through the testimonials our clients left on our homepage. When need more opinions, approach us via any of contact options to provide you access to the testimonials from large companies.
What are the reasons for me to purchase Facebook likes, Instagram/Twitter followers, YouTube views, etc.?
The amount of followers, views and likes on your account is a certain mark of your pages reputation. A big number of them is a demonstration of peoples’ trust to the product or service you promote. You can barely find more convenient and quick way of raising the credibility of your account and creating a wide fan base.
How is my order being realized?
The way we deliver followers/likes/views is a trade secret which is not to be disclosed. However, we are totally responsible for providing the entire amount of services adhering to the time limits due to Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram terms of service. Kindly remind, that each follower or like you purchase reflects real accounts exclusively.
Is my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube password necessary for buying the service?
You can be sure of your password privacy, as we are not needed in it for processing the order. We work as mediator, directing users to your account.
Do you have a certain turnarounds terms?
The terms of delivering are dependable on certain package you order, predominantly from 1 to 3 days (very rare up to 10 days). We manage the best way of serving.
Is the situation of a page banning occur frequently?
We have never encountered such case of page banning or flagging, as we know our business well. Each operation, managed professionally on our web site, matches Facebook’s, Instagram’s, Twitter’s and YouTube’s terms and limits.