Guide To Production Managers & Operators On Preventing Crane Failure

For production managers and operators, a broken equipment would mean delays in production and work stoppage. An hour delay can cost the company thousands of dollars. So, it is a must for personnel to ensure that their Dubai cranes are in top-notch condition and prevent possible crane failure to prevent work and production delays.

Here is a simple guide that production managers can follow to guarantee the longevity of their crane equipment’s lifespan:

  • Conduct standard inspections


Reputable overhead crane suppliers in UAE are always following OSHA’s policies and procedures when it comes to crane usage and maintenance, including regular inspection. As per OSHA’s requirement, crane companies should conduct an initial inspection that complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations and a pre-shift inspection that should be done by the crane operator.

But the crane company should also conduct a periodic crane inspection done by a qualified inspector. The inspector should check the overall performance of the equipment and ensure that the part are working well – from the hooks to the limit switches.


  • Train operators on proper equipment usage


The inspector and the crane company can only do so much when it comes to crane maintenance. The crane operators should do their part in making sure that the equipment is well-maintained. Crane companies advise companies to train their personnel on the proper usage of the equipment before it is handed to them for usage. They should be given an in-depth training on the equipment with regards to operating the crane, allowable loading and rated capacity.


This is to ensure that they are handling the equipment in accordance with OSHA’s standards, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the protocols set by the company. Proper usage of equipment can prolong its lifespan and prevent equipment damage.


  • Practice safety and security policy


Crane accidents will not only damage the equipment, but it can also cause serious harm to the employees and operator’s well-being. Be sure that workers are briefed and properly oriented about the safety guidelines in the workplace.


  • Properly document usage and other findings


Apart from inspection, inspectors and crane personnel should also provide proper documentation of the maintenance and usage of the equipment to keep track of its condition. Without proper documentation, it would be hard for the technician to trace the root cause of the problem if there is an equipment failure that occurs. Be sure to log and document the current condition of the crane along with the task fulfilled using the equipment.