How Does Theta Healing Work?

Theta Healing is gradually gaining popularity across the globe as people are turning their attention towards the technique to get over their struggle with anxiety, stress, and fatigue as well as many other medical conditions. Theta Healing is conducted by professional practitioners who are trained and educated by the Certified Theta Healing Instructors. The process starts with the recipient’s approval and then practitioner send him into a deep meditative state to activate theta brain frequency. The practitioner then invites healing from God, which can be monitored on the Electroencephalography (ECG). During the Theta Healing session, the theta brain wave not only gets activate but also gets a boost so that the recipient may use it for prayer, visualizations, healing, meditation, affirmations, and many other brain-related tasks.


According to experts, a person is in a theta brain state everyday at the time of getting up and before sleep. As we all know there are five brain waves including Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta, and Delta. Alpha wave is used for light meditation and taking a bath, beta wave is beneficial during conversations or when you’re studying, while delta wave takes you into deep sleep.


Theta healing removes all the bottlenecks and roadblocks of current or past traumas and diseases to realign and rejuvenate one’s energy field. These barricades mostly result in mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional issues. Theta Healing gets the job done on four levels, including core, genetic, historic, and soul. Each practitioner has a separate timeframe and charges but mostly the recipients feel an instant change in their personality in their first session. For healings related to sight impairments or severe hearing damage, the process may take up to six months. The recipient has nothing to do during the healing sessions. They can simply sit or recline during the healing process to feel the relaxation.


The Theta Healing process activates the DNA which helps it to perform at its highest potential. The process has nothing to do with religion and therefore is open to all and sundry. Anyone can master the Theta Healing technique after completing the Basic DNA 3 seminar. In order to get ready for the healing session, the recipient should drink plenty of water so that he or she is fully-hydrated, which will help in muscle testing. The recipient can get the healing done on phone or even on Skype as the process doesn’t require the person’s physical appearance. Contact today and get yourself rid of the past traumas and tensions for a happy and prosperous tomorrow.