toughest suspension training exercises

Some of the toughest suspension training exercises that you must perform

There are quite a few suspension training exercises that are meant to help you work your entire body. However, you must not rush yourself through them. As your personal fitness trainer in Dubai will guide you, it is necessary for you to go slow as the more tension that you build over your body, the more strength you would be able to build through these exercises. Here’s a bit of information about five of the toughest suspension training exercises that you must perform to work your entire body:

  1. Single leg squats
    In order to perform this particular suspension training exercise, you would basically need to place your elbows right underneath your shoulders. Now place a bit of tension over the TRX, and place your right leg over the center of the anchor point. In order to offer a bit of support to your working leg, place it over the opposite heel over the ground. Next, you need to start lowering your hips down and back, while acquiring a bit of support from the knee. A major part of your weight needs to be placed over our working leg, and then transfer it to the assisting leg when required. Work your way through your heels, start extending your hips and stand tall. Perform the routine now using your left leg.
  2. TRX Y Fly
    In order to perform the TRX Y Fly at the fitness gyms in dubai, you basically need to place your arms overhead forming a ‘Y’ position. For this, you would need to keep your palms forward, create a bit of tension on the TRX, and offset your feet. Now, start lowering your body, but make sure that your arms remain extended. While doing so, just focus on maintaining a plank. Start pulling over the handles, and drive back your knuckles. To complete the routine, lift up your chest a bit, while focusing your eyes over the anchor point. Repeat.
  3. The Atomic Pike
    Get into a plank position by placing your feet in the foot cradle, your hands beneath the shoulders, and your knees on the floor. Now, lower down your chest a bit so that it rests just above the ground. Align your ears, hips, shoulders, ankles and knees, and push yourself back up so as to assume the plank position, and start hinging at your hips. Drive up your butt a bit, while making sure that your torso remains straight at all times. Finally, tighten up and engage your body a little, and then lower yourself down in the plank position.