Your Guide to Buying a Great Mattress

The experts believe an average human spends almost 33 percent of his life in the bed. This is why it is so important to sleep on a mattress that ensures safety to your spine and soothes your whole body. The price factor also goes a long way in deciding on the purchase of a mattress for many of us. Then there are hundreds of models to choose from. There is so much to purchasing a mattress than one can think of. Even after deciding on all the major factors, you still have to see if the mattress you’re going to purchase suits your spine or body or not. Purchasing the best orthopedic mattress is a predicament where you need expert advice and proper guidance from a medical practitioner.


Always remember, one person’s luxury is another one’s back problem, therefore always make sure you’re investing your hard-earned money in the right mattress. There are four major types of mattresses available in the market. These are foam, latex, innerspring, and air-filled.

  1. The innerspring mattresses come with a bouncy feel and mostly have either a foam or a fiberfill on the outer layer.
  2. The mattresses with a polyurethane core are the memory foam mattresses, which have a less number of springs. These mattresses keep their surface and even when you sit on it, it doesn’t sink. In order to find the best such mattress, one has to determine the quality about the thickness of the layer of foam and its density. Generally, in a high-quality mattress, thickness is kept from 2-6 inches while density is maintained at 5 pounds per cubic foot.
  3. The latex mattresses are very much like memory mattresses, especially when it comes to firmness of the surface. However, the latex mattresses have a bit more spring-back. This option is generally quite pricey but it is antimicrobial at the first place while it is also resistant to dust mites and mold. Don’t think much about the price tag thing because these mattresses are long-lasting and mostly survive for about two decades. The latest mattress is further divided into two categories, i.e. Dunlop Latex and Talalay Latex.
  4. If you want a more customizable experience, you can always opt for rubber chamber or air-filled vinyl mattresses. These mattresses let you take control of the air inside through a remote. You can always adjust the air pressure through this little gadget.


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