fake Facebook likes disappearPossibly several decades years ago people could not even imagine that their usual day will not start without visiting personal accounts in social networks. We use free media platforms for business, communication or just getting fun. Facebook stays the most visited network with millions registered users throughout the world. However, not just usual users browse Facebook for personal purposes, but small companies and big corporations impact people via marketing campaigns and enlarge the base of their clients through Facebook too. Main tool for it is “Like”. Thumb up button is an identifier of popularity; the more people click this icon, the more likes you receive. Big number of likes is a strong power for promoting business, products, brands and services. Some people argue that their likes vanish without reasons. This is our task to explain such strange fact.

How do Fake Facebook Likes Disappear?

This issue is not new, but people have been disputing about it for a long time, and we can make the following summary and explain this reason. Opinions are divided: one group of people think that this strange disappear is temporary and likes will appear again after technical repair. Another group has doubts about legality of actions. Some men and women even connect loosing of likes with refusing of people to use Facebook. Such claims have nothing common with real gist of the issue. Explanation for this phenomenon is quiet clear. When Facebook company analyzed standard months reports, they analyzed that over 8.7% of registered accounts are fake. Among this percentage, approximately 4.8% of accounts are doubled, 1.5%   accounts are wrong, and 2.4% of accounts are classified improperly. In general, 83 million of accounts are not real. Then, after publishing this announcement, Facebook promised to control the situation and refine the situation. In other words, Facebook understands importance of eradicating such useless accounts. As a consequence of such changes in Facebook, people started to notice disappearing of likes. Here are some figures for illustration:  popular start Lady Gaga has lost over 66.000 likes from official account. Also, 21.000 likes disappeared from “Simpsons” account.

 Are there consequences of fake likes for companies?

This news is very important for companies, whose businesses receive great part of income thanks to social media platforms. If clients see evident reduction of likes on the company’s page, so it will be very suspicious sign for them. For other users this change in number of likes will be a push for bad thoughts about the company and illegal functioning in media world. Also, it can become a solid reason for hesitation about quality of sold services or maybe products. Correlation between rapid reduction of likes on a Facebook company’s page and reaction of customers can result in negative influences for the business in general. We offer some main points, that will help to control number of likes.

1.    Research this issue.

Fortunately, modern people are not limited in access to information, so having internet access and time to dig the info, you can review top articles from reliable sources and make own conclusion. Being aware of the situation is necessary, because only in such a way you can build a strategy to solve this problem. Those firms and companies, who do not devote enough time to quality research about Facebook likes disappearing, have small chances to overcome the problem.

2.    Keep in Touch With Audience

There are should not be any secrets between you and your fans on Facebook, so let them know what happens. Surely, we do not ask you to make official post on your page, merely because the biggest part of your followers even do not have the least notion about fall of likes. In case some of your clients or page fans want to get detailed explanation, so politely send them a message and try to answer the question, making references to official information from Facebook. However, you should remember that sharing unchecked information is wrong way as well as ignoring requests from fans. Such behavior is correct, when it comes about building reliable relations with clients.

3.    Think about methods of Facebook Likes Growing

The best way out from such unexpected problems may become planning a strategy for natural growing of likes. Gradually you will return previous number of fans. Fortunately for you, there are multiple tips and methods how to achieve quick grow of likes. First of all, you can find experienced professional to be in charge of your Facebook optimization campaign, other media accounts and for website support. Experience has shown that such measures are very effective, and level of your brand popularity in social media may maximally grow at once people will notice the activity within your page. Although, this is not the only option to return previous number of likes, another step you can do is to start commercial project or launch marketing campaign. Try to use checked and proven methods of optimization.

In brief

News about fake Facebook likes disappear should not be a reason for panic. Investigate this situation and be ready for it. As a result of growing scam accounts in the world’s largest network, many companies whose business depends upon social media profiles can experience temporary inconveniences. We offered you several variants for way out. Apply these methods and your business will overcome any problem, gaining new clients, likes and brining more money. If you have not encountered yet with the problem of likes disappear, so use all methods to increase number of likes. Huge amount of likes is the best pill for business. Have a nice day!