famous people twitter accountsAll well-known artists, performers, actors and singers are famous twitter users. These famous people twitter accounts as well as other networking websites attract millions of fans and followers. However you do not have to be world-known celebrity to make people follow you on twitter and gather a huge number of following famous twitter users. In this article you will find some helpful and smart tips on how to get famous followers on twitter. Do not miss this splendid opportunity to get famous people twitter accounts as your followers.

Check out these easy steps to make people follow you on twitter:

1.                  Confirm your authenticity of Twitter account

Before you identify your own account on Twitter for being followed, make sure that you have confirmed your authenticity of Twitter account. A blue checkmark will appear and make your Twitter feed a genuine and verified source. Try to avoid posting fake feeds or images – stay legitimate Twitter user. So if you want to be a truly valid Twitter user, never follow fake handles.

2.      Make sure your Twitter users are complementary

Following some particular famous accounts of Twitter may bring much more benefits and outputs comparing with others. It is quite obvious that a wrestling blogger would like to follow Twitter wrestling starts and famous sportsmen. And Kardashian clan or other stuff may not be so interesting.

3.      Only active users should be followed

All famous people have accounts on Twitter. However not all of them are active. In fact they do not use Twitter on a regular basis. Therefore you should not waste your time following celebrities who update their feeds occasionally once a year. Search for really active users and prefer following them – the results will be much more beneficial.

4.      Search for celebrities interacting with their fans

In fact most celebrities and other famous people do not update their Twitter feeds by themselves. This is the duty of Publicity Department. They treat Twitter as an additional platform for promoting new releases. However there are many celebrities who do interact with fans. You will get a huge benefit if they will follow you.

5.      Follow famous people who follow others as well

We all know famous people with millions of Twitter followers. However if they do not follow others, why would they follow you?! Always check for their history and if they follow ordinary non-famous people.

6.      Pay attention on new celebrities who have not become super famous yet

On Twitter you can find famous people with millions of followers. Obviously they have so much activities and hashtags at their Twitter accounts. You have a very small chance to be noticed by this category of celebrities. In fact it is almost impossible and you should understand this. It is much better follow celebrities with no more than 100.000 followers. There is a good chance to try interacting with them – give it a try!

7.      Post information about famous people you follow in the Twitter feed

When you have already identified Twitter users you are going to follow, you should post information about famous people you follow in the Twitter feed using hashtags. Get to know what your chosen celebrity promotes (it can be any upcoming event) and post info about it.

8.      Keep interacting with famous people

All celebrities have well-planned marketing strategies. They usually set questions to their Twitter followers. If you want these celebrities to notice you and your Twitter account, you should post eye-catching comments and responses. Try not to overdo with comments as it may seem quite annoying.

9.      You can ask questions and make some buzz

Celebrities use Twitter accounts in order to get valuable exposure. They are waiting for their followers to create buzz. If your tweet occurs the earliest after positive news you have very good chances to be recognized by famous people.

10.  Keep on tweeting an retweeting posts

Twitter users retweet interesting posts all the time. It is very important to be aware of all trending Twitter topics relating to your following celebrities. Make sure that your retweeting actions are healthy and reasonable, so they will serve as a free content for your Twitter feed.

11.  You can request a follow from famous people

First of all you should try to interact with a celebrity. If it was successful, you can request the celebrity a follow your own Twitter feed. Such a request should be done just once. Have some patience and wait to request until exchanges of hashtags and positive posts.

12.  Follow celebrities’ followers

Twitter is a great users’ spidery network. If you want this network to be strengthen you should follow celebrities’ followers. Check out all popular and active non-famous users following these celebrities and engage yourself in their discussions and researches. Become one part with them.

13.  Any forms of excessive tweets or spam should be avoided

According to the Twitter terms of use there is an official limitation on the number of tweets which are allowed per a day. Such limitations are generous. Therefore if you want to be considered a reputable Twitter user, stay as far away as possible to this daily limitation. Some important live sessions on Twitter require lots of tweet. However always avoid any forms of excessive tweets or spam if you do not want to loose followers.

14.  Your Twitter account should be vacuumed

What is the point to have lots of Twitter users who do not follow back? Always remember about the limit of people which Twitter account is allowed to follow. If your account becomes inactive, it will be much harder to reach new followers and earn famous tweets. It is sufficient to check the list every month.

15.  Earn some notice outside Twitter

There is another great way to make celebrities notice you – make your own blog as popular as possible. Some celebrities are quite active on social networks and collect positive information regarding their own projects or fans’ feedbacks. Twitter is not the only one place where you can interact with celebrities. Make sure you have a button “Follow” on your blog.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Make sure your profile on Twitter looks authentic and complete. Each photo must be vital.
  • Tweet regularly. You will not gain many new followers, if you ignore Twitter feeds.
  • For creating a strong network you should follow non-famous users as well.
  • You should spam either famous or non-famous people on Twitter.
  • Never offer bribes to celebrities to get their following.
  • Remain patient as it takes time to build positive reputation on Twitter.