custom Facebook landing pageRecently Facebook has moved to totally new territory along with iFrames. As a result a new Facebook landing page has been critically acclaimed by designers. They goal is to increase revenue for the websites of their clients. In fact, it is quite easy to switch from the old version of the custom Facebook landing page to the new Facebook landing page with its numerous tabs and a great ability in generating revenue. Facebook landing pages can be considered as effective tools for leading generation. Visitors’ attention can be captures with these short pauses containing important information, eye-catching designs, images etc. With the help of Facebook landing page you have a chance to monetize social network and get connected with the public.

The mechanism of Facebook landing pages

FB landing pages can be used for drawing the attention of visitors with links, images or phrases. Facebook allows to do the same with tabs. It is up to users what to put on their own tabs. This social media network gives us the opportunity to earn money. Hover you have to figure out your own marketing strategy and as a result of it you will get lots of real advantages. It is very important to build a strong recognition on Facebook and get as many FB likes as possible. Facebook landing pages may help and prompt visitors to like your page before they see other pages. It is so-called a reveal tab. This type of FB landing page is the most successful. You have to install HTML application for getting the following tab type on your Facebook.

Making Facebook Landing Pages

Most users of Facebook do not have necessary experience and practical skills in designing social media pages. In this case you can find a trustworthy 3rd-party application. Their specialists will definitely help you in designing your own Facebook landing page. UnBounce and Pagemodo are included into such applications. So if you are not able to write code yourself, order such service outside. As an example you may use any third-party app and prompt other Facebook visitors like your own page. All types of images for FB landing page can be used. Facebook has set the only one image limitation – the image should be 520 pixels wide, the rest is flexible and up to users.

Offering something in return

Promoting new items with Facebook landing pages as well as generating new likes is great. But at the same keep on offering something back. Let us imagine you have your own small business and sell clothes. You may offer 50% attractive deal to all potential clients who like your FB landing page. You can be sure, once you offer people something really worthwhile, you will get lots of likes and visitors.

Email lists

If you have enough email subscribers, it will be much easier to generate new leads for your own business. According to recent reports, email marketing is very effective for getting new visitors to your Facebook page or online business. Your online purchasing may become much more effective. Facebook landing page can offer a great way for your visitors to click on the link Subscribe for updates“. In such a way you will be able to create much bigger list of email subscribers for your own business. In fact, for most business owners this is the most essential way to monetize Facebook via landing pages.


How can Facebook landing pages stand out?

The main purpose of Facebook landing pages is to affect the decision of visitors. What should we do to make it happen? First of all your headline should be strong and quite descriptive. They will easily capture the attention of viewers. Such Facebook landing pages can be compared with commercials’ opening lines.  If you manage to catch the right phrase you will grab people’s attention.


Additionally if you require email address and name, it will be much easier for viewers to sign up for the subscription. At the same time your visitors will not be taken away from your Facebook page. What your subscriber will have to do – just to type their name and email in and that’s it. Getting back and browsing Facebook page is very simple.

It is very important to add a special disclaimer under email subscription boxes. In such a way your visitors will get the guarantee not to be spammed. All their information will be kept private. People’s addresses won’t be shared to any third party.

It is recommended to use CTA (call to action) for persuading your visitors to get exclusive information. Offer your visitors something really worthy and let them all know about these exclusive offers. Are you giving something back to your visitors? Again, this step is very important and should be done as soon as possible. Make a list and provide your subscribers with it. They will appreciate getting personalized updates, free gifts and special coupons. Make sure your images are of high resolution. Do not forget to keep the image 520 pixels in wide as this is the regulation of Facebook. Use only easy-to-read and interesting images.

How can we make Facebook landing page fancy?

Most business owners would like to do something totally different with FB pages. The competition on social media market is very high. So it is recommended to have a professional team of web developers. Alternatively you may use FB landing page builder. Then you should show all your creativity and create really funny and interesting video content, images or slide shows to go on your own Facebook landing pages too. It is a good idea to use customers’ testimonials. They will show your company from the best side. People will trust you and may become your clients as well. With the help of Facebook lading pages you can link out to the rest of relevant pages – Twitter and other loyalty programs.

Keep on updating Facebook landing pages

All business owners should not forget to update Facebook landing pages with new attractive and eye-catching offers. Your FB landing page should be relevant, therefore your messages should be matching. The advertisement copy of landing page should be matching with the headline too. Your ads should be real, otherwise people will not trust you. So do not forget to check and update advertisement copies as well. Check carefully your images which should be matching with everything you say on your Facebook landing page. Your marketing strategy and all displayed specific coupons should be similar to ads. Your visitors will appreciate such approach and it will be much easier for them to recognize new deals.

Concentrate on special offers and promotions

All your special offers and promotions can be showcased with the help of Facebook landing pages. This is a very good way of presenting your products and services to the public. Lots of visitors will definitely get interested in what you offer to them. When people see advertisements that you offer something for their liking the FB page, they will give you a like with pleasure. So use such approach in your FB landing page. Always keep your page relevant and don’t forget to update it regularly.

Let’s put all together

If your want to show what your business offers, you should use the text and images on Facebook landing page. Colorful and high-quality images are way much more important than the text. Matching images and creative designs are more eye-catching. Make your information easy to read. You should focus on creating actions oriented messages. Never spam your visitors. They have their own reasons for choosing to visit your page, so always respect their opinion and choice.

Clarify all the benefits your visitors will get when they take part in your Facebook landing page. Your visitors must get recognition. The first impression of your business is the most important for your future success. Make it trustworthy and your visitors will continue interacting with you. Facebook landing page is a great way to focus the attention of people. However it does not give you the guarantee that these people will definitely like your page. Just prompting something is not enough. Only creative and worthy FB landing pages will get respond from people. So express all your creativity for creating a really genuine FB landing page.