is buying Facebook likes illegalWe all use Facebook daily. Having read an interesting post or seen an eye-catching photo we click “Like”. We do not realize but at the same time lots of other Facebook fans have just done the same click. However we do not know if their Facebook profiles are real or just fake ones created for one purpose – to like a particular business page and in such a way to promote it. For any starting business it is essential to have as many FB likes as possible. For this reason business owners may buy free Facebook likes from numerous suppliers for bolstering their business credibility. What do you think – is buying Facebook likes illegal in this case? This technique is not illegal but Facebook discourages such promoting methods.

Nowadays there are lots of companies offering to buy Facebook likes. As a business owner you pay a fee for Facebook likes package and get a desired amount. Such fees are different – up 20$ to upwards of 500 or even more. When a fake Facebook accounts like your own page, they may not engage with it again. This is just one time action. However even if such users do not interact with your profile and posts, they will be counted as your fans and will positively influence the number of FB likes. Such companies deliver their services for determined fees. So is buying Facebook likes illegal? Of course not! This practice can be used.

The question “Is buying Facebook likes illegal?” interests lots of Facebook users. Let’s clarify it. Purchasing likes you do not break any law. This practice is not endorsed by Facebook. In fact FB Corporation tries to discourage and stop purchasing Facebook likes. However all users keep on using such services for attracting and establishing new followers. Any business has a budget for the promotion and advertisement of FB account. You can pay per clicks. Such ads can target particular demographics. Such advertisements run on the right side of the screen. If a user clicks on such ads, he will be taken directly to FB page.

It is quite obvious that Facebook will encourage using official Facebook advertisements. It is because of the monetary gain of FB Corporation. Also they state purchasing fake Facebook likes can bring down website’s value. When user’s page has a big number of likes, this makes outside advertisers to be deceived about engagement amount on given pages. As a result they feel defrauded when pages they are advertising have been likes by fake/automated FB accounts. Facebook treats such fake likes as very inflating in the social media marketplace.

Facebook takes all efforts to curb such bought likes. As a result they have already voted for cracking down such fake accounts. Now if such fake account is identified, all purchased Facebook likes may dwindle. This means the removal from the site. Note that Facebook can identify such fake accounts easily. As a rule they are run from foreign countries and the level of engagement is very low.

It is clear that Facebook wants business owners and marketers stop buying Facebook likes. Your account may be even flagged for removal if your account has lots of purchased likes. However it is not illegal to purchase likes. But do not forget that Facebook has its own rules as well as regulations. So you are free to keep on buying likes but there are all chances that they will begin disappearing without either prior notice or explanation.