How to Be A Scene-Stealer At Exhibitions

Exhibitions and fairs are very good venue to introduce your brand and company. But the thing is, you need to compete with hundreds of booths to get your target audience to notice you, it is a difficult feat to beat.

But you have to be disheartened and discount your plans for joining exhibitions. What you need to do is to know the right way to steal the scene and be noticed. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Build excitement


You need to have a pre-event promotion before the actual event. Why? Because people need to know you are there. This is important, especially if you are a newbie in the competition. You need to inform them that you are there prior to the exhibition and build their excitement.


One way to do this is to use digital media. Utilize your brand’s social media accounts to spread the word to your audience. You can also invest on boosting ads to promote your booth the event. And do not forget to update them on what’s been happening like the set up and all. You have to keep your audience in the know.


  • Laid out the clues


As mentioned, when you are in an exhibition, you need to compete with other booths for attention. But with hundreds of booths set up on the event, it would be hard to point the audience to your exact location. But when you leave a trail of breadcrumbs, they would probably know where your booth is. Invest on standees at the front door of the event so that people will know where to go if they are looking for your booth.


  • Invest on outstanding exhibition stand


Okay, so you got your social media covered and you have a rocking standee to point your booth’s location. What you need to mind next is the stand itself. With lots of booths and stands to compete with, you need to stand out. You don’t want your audience getting disappointed after finding your booth looking so ordinary and normal.


Make your booth outstanding and original that you will be the center of attraction. As much as possible, make it fun and exciting. Know what exhibition stand design in Dubai that will work for your brand but also pique the attention of the audience.

  • Forego the traditional marketing


Even if you have an awesome exhibition stand, you still need to do some promo work to get people to visit your booth. Do not go for the traditional promotional route as others will probably do it. Think of clever ways to get more people to visit.

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