Things no one will tell you about your first job

While living our life in the college and university we often forget that there is a real world we will have to work in where you will not always have lunch but instead forget about eating, where your fights won’t be fought over losing pens but instead they will about losing the client and where a treat won’t settle everything. Don’t get fooled with the remarkable interiors done by office fit out companies in Dubai but look at all the things we teach you about your first job, just keep on reading:

  • The concept of friendship could be alienated to most people

One thing which you need to remember at every step of the way that you are no longer in your college and this is why don’t expect everyone to be your best friend. Surely you are going to have good connections with some people but don’t mistaken that for friendship because that is going to come back to bite you. Not everyone would want to be your friend and its completely fine because these are people coming from all sorts of backgrounds with varying personalities who create a good team but not necessarily a good friendship.

  • You will have to learn managing your manager

Learning to deal with different moods is something very essential because your boss is going to be one of them. This is the problem with every single boss that they will do what they desire. If they tear apart your analysis or guideline then you have to learn that it is not always you who are wrong but the boss who is a little stressed out. Learn to manage them by smartly observing their moods and using their happy and positive ones to your benefit. Just like Dubai Municipality Approvals, get approvals from your boss first. Surely this is easier said than done but if you really want to commit to the job then being teacher’s pet is the only way out.

  • Your work timings do not prove your devotion

This is something which is highly mistaken by several employees who believe in the ages old rule that you must stay later than your boss to make them realize that you are working hard. The world has evolved from there and now is the time to do smart work instead of hard work this is why meeting deadlines is important.