Wedding Venue Styling: 5 Things You Need To Remember

The wedding venue is the next place where the newly-married couples and the guests would go through once the ceremony is over. It is the place where they will celebrate their union and share their happiness with their guests.

Given the importance of this space, it is important that you dress this properly. If you are tasked to dress the wedding venue, be sure to remember these pointers:

  1. Do not make it complicated

For some first-time event stylists, they think that the more complex the design is, the better. But you need to keep in mind that the purpose of the space is for celebration. Putting too much design elements would not only take up too much space, but it can also confuse the guests. It would be best to make the design memorable in a very good way. Making it simpler and cohesive should be the way to go.

  1. Use the right furnishings

Some people think that you can just pull out their home furnishings and put it in the venue for use. But keep in mind that the wedding has a theme or concept that you need to follow, hence, you need to use the right furniture. Do not use your home furnishings, especially if it does not complement the design theme. It would be best to hire wedding chairs that would go well with the venue design.

  1. Make space for dancing

Wedding venues are designed for celebrations, which is why you need to make space for partying and dancing. Do not forget this aspect. If the venue is too small, you might need to make adjustments with the layout so you can create a dance floor. People would surely love to party after the program, so make room for this.

  1. Make the ambiance intimate

Weddings are private affairs, so the venue should feel the same. Make sure that the design theme will exude that vibe. You might need to include the personal touches from the couple to make the space feel like it belongs to them. You can also use the technical aspect of the space like the lighting.

  1. Ask the couple for their opinions

Of course, the client will be the ones to appreciate the design first. So, be sure to get a brief from them and know how they want their wedding venue to look like. They might have some ideas that they want to share with you.

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