How to Become an ISO Trainer

ISO training is the most popular training in the world of business. Some businesses swear that when they introduced the training of ISO 9001 to their employees, they got a boost and the company showed better results. Which also means that being a trainer and giving the ISO 9001 training is a big deal. There are some people who also take the training of ISO 9001 and they take in all the knowledge so well that they become eligible to become a trainer of ISO 9001 themselves. These trainers are also called ISO consultants and they are also eligible to give the NDT training in Dubai. If you want a good career and a stable career and you have excellent learning and communicating skills then you can become an ISO trainer or consultant as well.

  1. ISO Certified: of course, to become an ISO trainer, you need to be ISO 9001 certified as well. everything starts small and this is the first basic step.
  2. Lead Auditor: you also must have the certificate of being a lead auditor. Such certificate can be obtained from any educational institute which are offering this course.
  3. Lead Implementer: this is similar to lead auditor but having a separate certificate of this course can benefit you in different ways as well – like getting you the job of being an ISO consultant.
  4. Project Management: this is the easiest course out there and many educational institutes are offering this course. this course will prove to be a plus star in your cv and profile.
  5. Experience: this is the stupidest thing for a person who is a fresh graduate. Because when you go in for an interview and you are a freshly certified person, and the interviewer tells you they need an experienced person that is the most frustrating moment because no one hires a fresh and how a fresh is going to get experience. Well, we have a solution or you can say a suggestion, you can always get an internship at an ISO consultants office and, in this way, you can get experience.
  6. Find Work Online: you can always find work on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.
  7. Work for Other Consultant: this can be an add-on on becoming a good and reputable ISO consultant.