Painting classes in Dubai

What could be better for those who are professional or amateur painters than to put their stand and canvas on a beautiful sunny stone of Dubai Marina, watch boats and ships, water-skiers, fish jumping in and out of gulf water and just paint? Probably nothing! Dubai is a fantastic location for those who want to spend their vacation with the brush in one and palette in other hand. Teachers from different countries and UAE can offer you their services. You can have private lessons or join the group of people who came there with the same attention like you. They can offer you a tour through the Dubai’s best galleries, museums and other art related facilities.

If you are one of those who believe that art should be available for all, then Dubai has something for you too. You can inform about organized tours in Dubai Desert and Dubai Marina where people who love painting in open air gather together and enjoy their day transferring beautiful sites in front of them onto their canvases.

If you are more into having a professional mentor while you do your thing, then you can check out Jamjar Gallery. It is a unique place where people gather in the late afternoon after they get out of their offices or after a long day of sightseeing, sit in front of the canvas, close their eyes and imagine the thing they want to paint. These classes are oil painting classes. Nobody there expects you to be some super-talented painter. You can develop your skills as the times goes by and enjoy this nice process. These three hours classes will cost you a bit over 78 Dirhams and you will have to pay some more for the canvas if you don’t have your own; price will depend on the dimensions of the canvas.

Art Center organizes courses for different painting techniques. They are not only about applying paint on the canvas; they also try to teach their students as much as possible about theory of art, visual arts and how to analyze what they have in front of them. Only after learning some of those things you will be ready to show your painting skills. Before every class they will inform you what materials you need in order to attend. Classes are paid in advance. Some of the classes you can attend are: silk painting, portrait painting, water painting, oil painting, fine art painting and many others…

All of the painting and art schools in Dubai can offer you a personal teacher for private classes; you just have to give them a call.

Lotus offers one month training for those who are preparing to pass exams in order to get into some of many art schools around the world. They offer training for cubism, oil and acrylic, landscape, portrait and many other painting techniques. Some say that they provide the best possible courses for those who want to become professional artists.