Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Nursery

Before you finalize a Jumeirah international nursery for your little one, it is prudent to ask your prospective nursery these questions to analyze if it is a perfect fit for your child:

Does the Pre-school Meet Your Family’s Needs?

Regardless of how popular or trending the pre-school is, you will eventually come to regret your decision if it doesn’t meet the basic needs of your family. Is the location of the nursery accessible for you and your spouse, or preferably near to your workplace? Do the timings fit in with your work schedule? Does the nursery offer lunch and snack to kids? If they do, their nutritional approach and menus should be agreeable with you. Is the nursery affordable? Does it operate round the year? This is important to ensure because many pre-schools close for the summer and summer camps are harder to find for younger kids.

Does the School Meet Your Child’s Needs?

This is an important question since pre-schoolers come in a wide array of maturity levels. Some are independent, while others suffer extreme separate anxiety from the moment their parents take off. Some are potty trained, while others are prone to accidents. Some don’t need daily naps, while others can’t function without. It is important for you to find out how the nursery deals with these needs, to better scrutinize if the policies of the school cater well to your child. Also, be sure to inquire into the student-teacher ratio, the average class size, and the total number of students in each class.

What Is the Nursery’s Approach to Discipline?

It is important for you to ensure that the teachers at your chosen nursery respond to difficult behaviors in a way which aligns with your approach as a parent. Be sure to ask the teachers what they would do if they see a pre-schooler kicking, biting, or hitting another kid. Do teachers at the nursery help facilitate a resolution or let kid’s work out their problems themselves? How do they respond if a child is throwing a tantrum or crying? Do they use any disciplinary techniques such as time-outs? You can even observe the classroom on your own to better analyze how teachers behave with children. clearly depicts their teaching and disciplinary methods.

How Much Parental Involvement Does the Nursery Warrant?

Since a lot of nurseries are privately funded, you might be expected to volunteer or raise funds. It’s important that you know beforehand what will be expected of you, when it comes to donations or support.